International Dealings | About Us
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About Us

We advıse busınesses and ınvestors about global market envıronments, government affaırs, ınternatıonal busıness development and leadıng strategıc change

Internationaldealings is an ICG platform providing new generation government and stakeholder engagement through its team which has a range of high-level private and public sector experience. Internationaldealings, in highly competitive, complex and ever-changing marketplace of World provide a support your endeavors in globalization, digitization and government engagement so you can focus on your core competencies with the highest staff, global network of advisors and partners. Internationaldealings produces fast and effective solutions with qualified and experienced leaders unlike other companies.


The mission is to deliver best value to the benefit of clients, employees and governments through in highest standards innovation, trust, speed, quality, global orientation, sound business management and dedication to excellent service.


The vision is periodically that,

  • Adaptation to the pace of change on the axis of innovative movements,
  • Guaranteeing the corporate structure,
  • Capturing of a steady growth,
  • Logarithmically increasing of the customers and the target quantity,
  • Being a global group on the basis of global organizational fundamentals,

are targeted constantly changing.


  • Providing service compatible with national and international standards with our experience specific to the sector in all services that we conduct by respecting to ethical, privacy and impartiality principles,
  • Determination of preventive approaches to improve our performance by passing our business processes through the self-assessment process,
  • Increasing the efficiency of all our processes in the direction of continuous improvement approach to a level that can be competed not only at the national level but also at the international level,
  • Ensuring the highest satisfaction of the customers and protection the benefits of the customers, partners and volunteers in the highest level,
  • Working with team spirit, execute with speed, reliability, accuracy, quality and global point of view,
  • Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, realizing training that will enhance all kinds of hardware competencies,

policies constitute a framework for the objectives and they are consistently reviewed.