International Dealings | AdvIsory
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We advıse busınesses and ınvestors about global market envıronments, government affaırs, ınternatıonal busıness development and leadıng strategıc change

We are trying to help our customers by providing strategic solutions and business partners to meet their needs.


We advise C-levels in support of their digitization and globalization agendas. With the developing technology, it has changed how the businesses will operate and create value. Entrepreneurs are redesigning this array. While customers are more demanding and transparent through internet / social media, they are challenging  competitive environment businesses, using many new technologies and globalizing firms before growth . There is now a business environment pioneered by entrepreneurs like Airbnb and Uber who transform projects and dreams into work.


Globalization is an ongoing change in developing countries and economies in global economic activity, coupled with an increase in the number of consumers in developing markets. The most important and most positive aspect of the 5-year profit planning that executives in the world make for business is global developments. International trade is basically a new growth strategy that is supported not only by trade but also by providing new organizational structure and facilities for companies.


Regulations have increased since the 2001-02 Enron scandal and the 2007-08 financial crisis. These events led many public companies to go public and to organize new organizations. New forms of organizational structure have been formed. Organizations have been disappointed at how to identify, prioritize, and interact with public stakeholders because of the business consequences of high levels of regulatory challenges in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, energy, food, telecommunications and financial services.

Our Services

  • Investment Climate Analysis: We will monitor and map the business climate. You will invest in and identify opportunities and risks for your core business.
  • Geopolitical Assessments: We analyze real-time political developments around the world and produce recommendations for the next steps.
  • Strategy Formulation: We set priorities with you and define which topics and tools are needed for a successful business, communication, political or sustainability strategy.
  • Digital Transformation: Becoming a digital organization, you need to change over time according to how you conduct your business. We can help you set your goals, develop a digitalization strategy, and execute alongside with your management.
  • Change Management: When you make a change in the organization, you will affect one or more of the following four parts of the organization’s functioning: processes, systems, organizational structure and business roles. We can temporarily work with your management or replace it to help you disclose your potential with our various works and decades of experience.